Campaign Handout



For some, waking up and forgetting about life, their problems and fears, would be a blessing. For others…it would be a nightmare.

You have pillaged the streets of Sharn and dealt with angry gangs of Halflings. You have braved the depth’s of the Cog’s and defeated scores of monsters who underestimated you. You joined a nearly unstoppable wizard in his plans to dominate the world, and then destroyed him and his minions. You braved the Tomb of Horrors and came out alive, finding the treasure that you sought. You flew on the wings of wondrous mounts and took what you wanted.

You searched the realm for the perfect parts to create the perfect Golem killing machine…and you succeed.

You woke up in a destroyed makeshift laboratory, and could not remember what you had done in the last year…and only a little of what you once knew.

Eberron has changed, but you don’t remember how…


You have awoke in a destroyed laboratory. Not a nice, fully functional one you would think an alchemist would have, but a hidden, hastily assembled one. Everything is smashed or tipped over, and you cannot remember why.

The path of destruction does seem to have an order in the chaos, it seems to start in the middle of the room, then leads out the only door in the room. Well, not really out the door, more like through it.

The only thing you do remember is the companions who are waking in the room with you, and that you had done something together…something you think you are going to regret.


Your characters will be able to scavenge 100gp worth of equipment, but no actual gold. Any balance of gold you have will be given to build a memorial to ogre who died with one punch (he will be missed).

You will start in the laboratory with no knowledge of where you are, or what has happened to you for the last year or so. You vaguely remember your previous adventures, but still retain the memory of your background, where you grew up, who your family is, etc.

You have basic knowledge of your class and will have to start your rise to power once again. As you gain experience and levels, you will remember former skills and knowledge you once had.

Campaign Handout

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